Forklift Training

Brisbane Forklift Training


Licence to Operate a Forklift is a competency based training course to provide you with the Licence needed to meet the high standards of Safety and Compliance with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.
A Forklift Licence can assist you to gain employment and/or meet organisational requirements and up-skilling.
Our course covers:
• work planning,
• conducting routine check,
• shifting loads safely and shutting down a forklift.
We offer a “FAST Track” training option for tailoring courses depending on the individual’s circumstances using recognised prior learning and experience.
• affordable prices and payment options are available.
• we service Brisbane and surrounding area plus offer on-site training. We are also conveniently located to public transport.

The price for full training a new operator (beginner) is $550 per person.

Forklift Courses are run during the day, evenings and on weekends.